Online critique, July 18 e-newsletter stories

Best things

 Welcome back, Madelyn! She may not be officially back until the end of summer but it’s sure nice to see her byline. The Legislature is kicking off its special session so it’s great to see her taking that on and informing our readers. She wrote a solid advance on the upcoming month’s proceedings.

Demi’s ArlingCon story from the weekend was a fun read and featured one of my favorite quotes: “I really think it’s important for people to understand that being a geek is a way of life.” The story also included good detail and quotes.

Allee’s photo illustration for the broken phone story was well done! Great job integrating all of the broken pieces. Cool lighting, too. The cutline on the photo was good as well: a solid two sentences that tell readers what’s happening in the photo but also tease to the story.

Multimedia also turned out solid coverage from the Wings game and ArlingCon. Sorayah shot a well-composed photo to illustrate the parking permit story.

The phone repair story itself was interesting. Good work by Kevin on integrating expert advice and student phone horror stories.

Two health-related stories each were informative and timely: summer skin ailments and heat exhaustion. Kudos to both Demi and Narda who each wrote helpful and smart stories about issues students care about and incorporated people who have suffered from these conditions. That’s topical summertime reporting.

Needs work

 The parking permit story needed a lede that told people right off the bat that fees were increasing for faculty and staff (and by how much) but staying the same price for students. The fact that the prices were announced is not the news.


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