Online critique, June 27 newsletter stories

Best things:

Good job imbedding Tweets, video and other online additions with stories! These extra elements bring more depth to the story and help provide context and background plus links to other content.

Demi did nice work on the gas conversion grant story/ribbon-cutting event. It was a quick turn on a science story and she took the photos as well. Nice hustle.

The multimedia gallery from the Wings game was solid. When we get in nice and tight on the action, the photos are even better. Let’s keep working on composition and cropping.

Nana continues to turn out well-written, daily sports updates as the teams recruit players for fall and announce their schedules. If you want an example of how to work in history and background, check out her men’s basketball stories this week.

Needs work:

The Life story about things to do in Arlington this summer was an overview of students’ opinions and could have been a mug and quotes topic. It needed more depth and sources at the university and community about why students stay in Arlington for the summer—Are they in class? Can they afford to go home? How does transportation factor in? Are most of them commuters? What makes summer different?

The same sex marriage story also needed more context about what states still are not complying with the law of the land. We also could have used the AP wire for some of the national background. Students’ opinions are good but they’re only a part of the story.

Where are they?

We’re missing the boat on reaction to major, topical news stories happening right now: the Supreme court ruling on the travel ban, SB 4, Title IX.

What is making us tentative about biting off the local angle (our angle) to these timely national stories? Identify reporters who can do these (or the editors can tackle them), research how the professionals are writing them, who they’re talking to, how they’re getting voices. Supplement where needed with the AP Wire and source it. If you need help, ask. But don’t put off the story.

Here are some places to start:

Attorneys spar over Texas immigration law in federal court

The Texas Tribune, 06/26/2017

Monday was the first day of what could be a lengthy legal battle over Senate Bill 4, which has been billed as the toughest state-based immigration bill in the country.


“The U.S. continues to welcome the most talented”: Universities respond to Supreme Court action on travel ban

The Washington Post, 06/26/2017

On Monday, some university leaders welcomed a Supreme Court ruling that Trump also claimed as a victory. The Supreme Court agreed to allow a limited version of the ban to take effect, carving out exceptions that appear to exempt university students, faculty and lecturers.  


In the Time of Trump, Colleges Start to ‘Make Title IX Our Own’

By Sarah Brown

After the president’s election, speculation abounded that colleges might scale back their efforts to combat sexual violence. Instead, many Title IX coordinators are trying to chart a new path forward.


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