Online Critique, June 22 newsletter stories

Best things:

Good, quick work by Nick the new Liberal Arts dean announcement brief.

Nice job by Sorayah on the gallery of Dallas Wings photos. She’s really learning quickly on her first summer on multimedia.

The economic development story on the city of Arlington topping Plano in new business construction and activity was very readable. Good job by Nick and Sam on reporting and editing that one. Including students was a necessary touch that made it a fully functional story. I know that took some extra time, but the story would not have been complete without it.

Nana has been killing it on Sports coverage this summer. As in other areas of the university, summer is a deceptively busy time in athletics. Recruiting for next season is in full swing. Nana incorporated lots of context and background on the story about the volleyball team’s season schedule announcement. An interview with the coach, who’s returning to the team, its record at the end of the season all contributed to make what could have been only a brief into a full-fledged story. Good job.

Needs work:

We need to slow down the editing train and make sure when we move things in stories the right people are matched with their actual quotes. Arlington’s economic development director is quoted as saying something he did not say. Not good. This is a correction that is not on the reporter but the team on the other side. People don’t like to be quoted as saying things they didn’t.

Where are they?

–Let’s follow up on the Liberal Arts dean announcement with an interview with the new dean.

–Gospel artist and music producer Kirk Franklin just opened his new studio downtown. Who’s doing that story?


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