Critique, online stories, 1/20


Best things:

Loved Matt’s squirrel story. Turns out there’s some interesting science behind the fearless squirrels on this campus. This is the kind of story that begs to be read but also imparts some interesting things to think about. I felt smarter after I read it. This often happens with a Fulkerson story.

 Anastasia’s story on financial aid refunds (which aren’t really “refunds” at all…and not free money either) was thorough and affects a lot of UTA students who take out loans or borrow other money to attend school. She interviewed a wide variety of sources and included some great info. And it was conversational. So many financial aid and money stories can be dry. But this was a timely story that offers good, practical advice and hits students where they live. Good work!

We have a good mix of stories online today and we’re publishing throughout the day. Good job to all who help to make this happen. It’s important to engage our readers throughout their day with different types of content.


Needs work:

Isabel’s new weekly column sounds like a great idea. But we need to brand it and tell people about it with an info box so readers know that it’s a standing feature so they can expect it. Anything that explains her idea for it and when it runs will help, too.


We need to continue to build on the solid line editor training that Beth conducted at Editor’s Retreat. I’m seeing fewer grammatical errors (except its and it’s. Sigh), but we need to work on tightening sentences. Several stories wandered and used too many words. Get to the point. Ask the writers “what do you mean to say here?” “What point are you trying to get across?” Their answer will be shorter and more conversational than the way they have written it.


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