Online critique, Nov. 29-Dec. 5

Best: Great hustle on the homeless man found dead outside the University Center. News and photo both arrived before other media outlets and posted online and Tweeted quickly as well.

The sports desk has provided continuous, stellar beat coverage on basketball along with good, timely reaction to Coach Seymour retiring and the basketball conference competition schedule.

We had strong multimedia within this last week: Seymour timeline, imbedded clips of music with Nick’s story about the UTA grad that teaches high school and creates music on the side.

Isabel wrote—and has written throughout the semester—a clear and timely recap of the Faculty Senate meeting that lays out important changes to the tenure selection process.


Needs work: I’ve already spoken to news and the DME about this, but it’s a good lesson for the newsroom: in the story about the protestors at City Hall that took the city to task for safety issues with Cooper Street in the wake of the recent fatal accident, we need to point out (because we know it and have reported it) that Cooper is not the city’s road. It is a Farm-to-Market state road and under the Texas Department of Transportation. Just because we’re covering something in which the subjects purport something doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do our diligence to point out to the reader that the information might not be true or complete. This is part of our duty as journalists to write fair and balanced stories. We need to make sure that we always include background and context. Every time.


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