Online stories, Nov. 17-18, 21 Critique

Best things:

You exhibited great hustle and teamwork with impressive contributions all around from the reporting and editing crew who covered and followed up on the fatal pedestrian accident. These are not easy stories to cover when they happen and in the days after, so kudos to John for tackling his first spot news scene and for Sorayah for keeping it going. We had great information ahead of everyone else that we stayed on top of in the hours and days afterward. Narda’s obit was well-sourced with classmates and social work sources.

Madelyn’s story about UTA updating its sexual harassment policy was timely and solid.

We’ve all benefitted over the last few days from unique voices and thoughts from established columnists like Isabel and Selby and newbies, like Zachary, who turned a wonderful theater review, and Chanel, who served up a shot of Disney nostalgia.

The Sports desk has done great work with the start of basketball season and hosting Sunbelt volleyball. Destine’s women’s basketball coverage from the team’s 3-0 start has been outstanding.

Needs improvement:

On accident stories and follow-ups, all spot news really, we need to practice “writing through.” If we start out with the news that we have at 6:30 pm and we update at 8 pm or 10 pm, we need to add the new info at the top but then re-edit and re-order the story from what we had earlier, cleaning it up and threading in new information. We can’t just put down a new time stamp and leave the old information. Much of what gets moved down can stay it just needs to be re-cast as context.

The meditation story could have benefitted from an information box on other social work meditation sessions or other departments like Counseling and Psychological Services who offer these as well. We told people about how the classes work but don’t tell them how they can do one themselves.

In the courthouse coverage story on the former UTA associate professor, the lede needed some re-working:


The discovery hearing for communication associate professor Eronini Megwa, who was arrested for money laundering, was canceled today.

Megwa was arrested in May 2014 in connection with charges of money laundering more than $200,000.


A pre-trial hearing in a former communication associate professor’s money-laundering case was canceled on Friday.

Eronini Megwa was arrested in 2014 in connection with charges of money laundering more than $200,000.


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