Online stories, Nov. 15, Critique

Best things:

       Daniel’s photograph of the Super Moon was beautiful! Great work tackling that shot.

       John had a lede with his pipeline story that encompassed the details that we need and told the reader the important information right up front:

The Native American Student Association hosted the Stand with Standing Rock panel Monday to educate and raise awareness about the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The construction of the pipeline has caused controversy leading to a dispute between the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The two-sentence lede works well here because it gets us the background we need along with the news value. Good job.

Matt did a nice follow-up on the Life Science building construction news that came out of last week’s UT System board meeting.

Carla’s column shared her passionate and funny take (and a bit of a counterpoint to Shabbir’s column yesterday) about being “concerned” about a person’s weight.      

Needs improvement:

       In the Phi Delta Theta chili cook-off story we say that the local UTA chapter is fundraising for a different group than its national chapter. Did we ask why?

Who is our source for weather stories, the Weather Channel or the National Weather Service in Fort Worth? I’ve seen it both ways.


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