Online stories, Nov. 8-11, Critique


Best things:

       We did a great job covering the meetings and business of the campus during the rush up to and around the election. We stayed on top of Faculty Senate, Student Congress, Staff Advisory Council, Undergraduate Assembly and the UT System Board of Regents. That’s a lot of important university government coverage that I’m pleased that we did not lose sight of this week.

Ransacked again yielded great detail and some practical advice for commuter students.

Audrey wrote a solid follow-up feature about UTA’s eSports team and Jeff turned a nice tale about an alumni who started a business that tests the flammability of airline equipment.


Needs improvement:

      Let’s watch our pronouns. Our readers get confused when we go to a “he” or a “she” when we probably should use the last name again. When writing, make sure that you and your editor know to whom you’re referring in the story. When in doubt, use the name.

Speaking of names, let’s get them for all photos. We have to identify folks. It’s journalism.


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