Online stories, Nov. 14, critique


Best things:

       Good work to everyone who covered Homecoming events over the weekend, especially post-election. This campus has some school spirit and we documented pretty much all of it.

The Multimedia desk did great work on athletics, events and election protests in Fort Worth. Jessica Chapa had good action shots from her final men’s basketball season opener and her last homecoming ceremony before she graduates in December (sob!). Allee had fun shots from the 5K; Mara had some stirring patriotic photos from Veterans Day; and Duy had strong images from the Fort Worth Trump protest. Way to go!

Destine did double duty over the weekend, covering the women’s basketball opener and the end of volleyball season before the big tournament this weekend. Her women’s basketball recap was great. Give it a read.

Zachary turned a very nice, thorough story about the campus Veterans Day event. It included beautiful use of description and quotes. He also approached the story with the curiosity of what all of those military traditions mean. I learned a lot and I suspect he did, too. This means our readers did as well.

Samantha went from covering the Trump election protests on Friday night to the crowning of the Homecoming King and Queen on Saturday evening. Now that’s versatility.

Needs improvement:

       Let’s watch our apostrophes. Its is possessive, as in “belonging to ‘it’.”

It’s is a contraction, as in “it is.” They don’t mean the same thing. Let’s be careful to catch these on the line edit or at the copy desk. There have been several of these within the last week.

Our ledes are wandering again. Several stories used what I call placeholder ledes that didn’t really say anything and postpone the action.

Before: Chants and signs hung overhead as protesters marched the streets of Downtown Fort Worth.

The sounds of a helicopter echoed off the buildings as about 100 protesters gathered Friday outside Tarrant County Courthouse to protest the President-elect Donald Trump, organized by the Next Generation Action Network, a non-profit organization lobbying for social change.


       After: Chants and the sounds of a helicopter echoed off buildings as about 100 protesters on Friday marched through downtown Fort Worth to protest President-elect Donald Trump. The event was staged by the social change non-profit Next Generation Action Network.

By combining the lede and second graph, we get directly to the point while keeping that description from the original lede.


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