Online stories, Nov. 7, critique


Best things:

       I was greeted this morning by Daniel’s beautiful face-painting photos for UTA theater’s upcoming King Kong performance. Nice, tight composition made the head shot-only image great. But check out the full headdress image as well–equally beautiful. Daniel says he just stumbled upon it. This is a testament to keeping your eyes open.

John did a nice job covering the first social justice conference and interviewing writer/activist Shaun King in a Q&A.

Matt is back on the water beat, telling us a really interesting story about dams and the potential toll that comes from holding back the water.

Madelyn wrote an interesting City Council piece that debates the issue of density in student housing. This topic will continue to resonate as UTA grows.

Needs improvement:

Ariana’s story about Pound workouts is interesting. Are they conducting these at UTA? The photo that accompanies the story was shot at the MAC but the story doesn’t mention anything about whether these are available at the university. This is an important element.

Is Matt’s dam story part of his water series? If so, it needs the logo created for those stories.

Where are our topical Presidential Election stories? The election guide is great and we have a polling places story up. But where are the stories that people are talking about the day before this historic election? We have one candidate who potentially could be the first women elected president and another who is running without the political experience that previous presidential candidates have had. These two issues alone make it worth pursuing these stories and getting them in front of our student population. We’re running out of time.


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