Online stories, Nov. 3, critique

Best things:

       We have a wealth of great online content today, starting with Samantha, Cody and Dylan’s collaborative package on Night Without a Home. Sam and Cody (with an assist from Jayme as well) stayed out all night with students at the annual event. A photo slideshow, map and digital timeline of events also accompanied the story.

The story itself was very well-written, with Sam finding a student at the event who herself once was homeless. This is a testament to observation and curiosity. The story is so much better for it. It also includes good detail and description. Nice work by all.

Shay turned out a fun video to accompany Selby’s story about the basketball story.

Jeff, Renee and Jasmine turned out solid beat and speech coverage, which we still need every day.

Needs improvement:

There were several examples of dropped words and letters again. We can’t afford to get sloppy. Print stories out. Look them over one last time. Read things out loud!


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