Online stories, Nov. 2, critique

Best things:

       Nick did a nice job with the Student Congress election story. He not only got results but also had priceless reactions from many of the candidates. He also posted his own audio clip. Great touch! This provided readers with coverage that is more meaningful than results alone. And it brings a human touch to elections.

Audrey is new to staff and she’s already making her mark. The mediation story was really interesting. It explained how mediating disputes and working outside the courtroom is done and dispels some myths about taking disputes to trial. Good quotes, too.

The wealth of info from the Election Guide that ran inside print today is corralled under our website’s Election 2016 tab. Well done by everyone on that.


Needs improvement:

      While the online news and multimedia stories were great, where was the Life content? I think there was a publishing glitch. Same thing with the newsletter. It didn’t publish until 10 am. Things happen, the Internet can be fickle. But we need to notice when these things happen and have a daily plan in place to make sure to check ourselves. We need to make sure our readers (and advertisers) are seeing our great content.


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