Online stories, Oct. 31, critique

Best things:

       The killer robot story was a fun but scientific look at the making of a machine that can compete in Battlebots. It takes the reader inside the process of designing and trying to find the money to pay to build it. It features great passages such as:

When he was younger, Moosai Assefa said the biggest draw was the destruction, but as he grew older and learned more about what it takes to design and build a robot, the engineering became the greater attraction.

“But that feeling I had as a kid is definitely still there,” he said.


Zahraa wrote an ironically fun story about a Halloween fundraiser to repair a vandalized cemetery. These are the sorts of times where we can help these groups in their efforts and also give our readers a treat.


Needs improvement:

The lede on the STD awareness story could have been a clearer and more specific, as many of our ledes could be:

Before: Students can take preventive measures to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases.

After: Students can prevent sexually transmitted diseases by protecting themselves through safe sex, vaccines and education.


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