Online stories, Oct. 20 critique


Best things:

       Madelyn did a great job again on presidential debate coverage. She watched for reactions, talked about issues, and even circled back to interview debate-watchers she interviewed in the past to note how the political winds changed since the previous debates. Her writing is becoming more authoritative, especially with politics.

Sorayah and Dylan also did excellent work with live Tweeting throughout the debate and Cody got a great photo at the watch party.

Selby did a nice job wrapping in the growing number of pre-season polls that include almost daily accolades and expectations of the men’s basketball team’s upcoming season with stats and background on the players and where they’re headed this season.


Needs improvement:

The health expo coverage could have used another source or two. These events are great opportunities to meet people who provide the very services that we say in the story that most people don’t know about. It would have been nice to quote some more students, too. We need to make sure that with event coverage, we use the event as a way to get to people and talk about the issue that the event is designed to promote. Not just the event itself. It’s our way in and provides access. Issue stories with people in them are what we should be writing. We’re telling stories.

The Graduate Student Senate story wasn’t edited closely enough. There were several dropped words and it needed tightening in several places. Let’s make sure we’re reading stories together or out loud. Or printing them out.


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