Online stories, Oct. 19 critique




Best things:

       It seems to be a day of insects in our online stories.

The bee story is interesting. I enjoyed reading about the declining bee population and how growth and development is affecting them. I like how we quote a UN study and quote a beekeeper along with a student whose family lives on a ranch. I also wish we had contacted some campus sources for this story. We need to be reaching out to our university scientists and experts whenever we can.

The West Nile mosquito and rabid bat story is also interesting. It doesn’t just tell us what’s going on with the West Nile spraying, which is a very basic story. It tells us about how that all affects people throughout Arlington and the health risks associated. Again, to broaden the UTA component, we could have reached out to the university what efforts the college is making to keep students safe. There likely also is a university source that we could have attempted to contact about bats, mosquitos or West Nile.

Let’s remember that UTA is the community that we cover so any effort we can make to ground these stories with a university connection, the better. Being able to localize a larger trend is a valuable skill that you will routinely use in the professional world.

Needs improvement:

Do we have a photo with the FabLab costume design story? Is this something we could have worked ahead with to assign?

The lede on the Student Congress seeking an education senator could also have included more info that tells us why. It’s in the second graf, but would be more effective in the first: “Student Congress executive board members are seeking a write-in candidate for the education senator position because no one has filed to run for the seat.”

We need to tell people right away about why we need a write-in.



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