Online stories, Oct. 17

Best things:

       Ok, maybe I’m a geek for these things, but I like that we have a story about UC street lamps being replaced and a multimedia slide show about liquid nitrogen tanks being refilled on campus. These examples show that we’re curious and that we’re paying attention to life around us. Readers likely noticed these things, too. We should be doing more of this.

I also liked Jeff’s story about the cold vault in the library that will store photographic negatives. It’s such an interesting look at how to properly archive these important pieces of history. His lede “Near freezing temperatures will halt the sands of time for photo negatives” was nice as well. It’s simple and straightforward but makes me want to read more.

I saw Ariana’s yoga poses on campus story over the weekend and read the whole thing. It caught my attention. First off, we’re lucky that Ariana being a dancer means that she knows other dancers who are willing to pose like a pretzel all over campus. Kudos to Jayme for a series of well-composed portraits that illustrate these yoga moves. The story itself is timely, as students are stressed from midterms and the semester getting tougher. Good job quoting students as well.

Needs improvement:

       As much as I love seeing Kris’ name on a column, her piece about gender identity is not thorough enough. I suspect she wasn’t given enough time to fully think through her ideas or discuss the issue more in-depth. It’s a tough topic and, because it’s just too short, it looks like we didn’t give it enough thoughtful consideration before we ran it. I’d love to see it expanded upon because she has a lovely voice as a writer.

The lede on the Wellness Expo is not thorough enough, either. “Resources on campus make money well-spent”. What does this mean? Are we trying to say that student fees provide resources to students?

We just have to be more careful about being intentional with what we’re trying to say. Many of our articles are clear and make an effort to get right to the point. We need to make sure that all of them do. Let’s write and edit like we mean it.


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