Online stories, Oct. 14 critique


Best things:

The lede on Destine’s volleyball story achieves exactly when we’ve been striving for: “A breakout performance from freshman outside hitter Kylie Jedlicka and a wave of pink fans were not enough to prevent an emotional second consecutive Dig Pink defeat.”

The second graf: “The volleyball team lost 3-1 to Texas State University in its annual Dig Pink match Thursday at College Park Center.”

This lede carries us into the story with momentum, tells us what we need to know and then tells us some more in graf 2. Good work.


Anthony’s column on revising the federal drug policy was tight, to the point and filled with interesting points about the toll our current drug policy takes on individuals and families. He carries us all the way through his arguments with few wasted words—fewer than 300 words to be exact. Well done.


The feature on Dr. Who Day by Chanel was fun. It delves into the cultural phenomenon of the show but also talks about the upcoming event in Grapevine. It’s a talker story for fans and for the curious.


Needs improvement:

       While I applaud the voter registration number story, it has a few places where it needs work. The second graf about 78 percent of the voting-age population being registered to vote in Texas is a little out of context. And we say that a record 15 million Texans have registered to vote, but we don’t say if this is a record for Tarrant County. Let’s be smart with our numbers and pair them with like categories and prior years for context. Numbers only work for us if we use them well.


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