Oct. 6-7 Critique

Best things:

         We had a good showing at the Mavericks Speaker series with our coverage and Q&A of the event. Nice work by Madelyn. She also live Tweeted the heck out of this.

Brittany had two solid stories over the last few days. She pulled together a solid advance story on Sunday’s upcoming presidential debate and wrote a nice advance of the history of disability display at the library.

Check out the snazzy new elections banner created by Casey on our website. More election stories are coming as we head into the month until the presidential election.

Throughout this week, Multimedia has turned out some great galleries that show initiative and their growing abilities in cropping, framing, angles and lighting. Check out their work especially on the Mavs Speaker Series, the State Fair and Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Needs improvement:

         Our ledes are improving. But we still are using some as a sort of placeholder just to get into the story. They’re too general and we don’t circle back and make them more specific. We can’t just wander into stories: we need to be making a deliberate approach and then tell the reader in the second graph more information.

We can’t have: “School of Social Work received attention for its graduate programs.” This doesn’t tell us anything. It’s a label.

This lede, “An exhibit detailing disability history takes visitors through time” tells just enough specifics that makes us want to keep reading yet it’s not too general.

I loved the follow-up to the social media star, our “booty shorts” UTA student. I would have loved even more additional interview time with him and his friend about what this whole thing tells us about the bonds of friendship or what he’s learned from being a viral superstar.


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