Published work, online and print: Aug. 22-26

Online stories

Best things:

The spot news team of Sorayah, Dylan and Cody did stellar work rushing to The Parks mall shooting. Reporters and editors backed them up in the newsroom with solid interviews. Good job on using Facebook Live at the scene.

Isabel did a great job with the UT System Board of Regents meeting.

The coverage of the Career Development Center opening was top-notch. Samantha met officials on her beat for the first time, wrote an advance and tackled event coverage while live Tweeting the ribbon-cutting ceremony–all in her first week. The photos were fantastic. It was well done across the board.

The multimedia team took on every event we threw at them, from the student march to convocation, to everything back-to-school in between. There were multiple online galleries to enjoy. They have knocked it out of the park–great, energetic work from this talented staff.

The wheelchair basketball scrimmage coverage was a smart event for us to cover, especially leading up to Rio.

Needs work:

We need to work on one idea per sentence. We have too many lengthy sentences that could be split up by a period. We can have two sentences in a paragraph if needed.

We continue to struggle with making organizations, departments, sports teams, etc.   “they” or “their.” It should be “it” or “its.”

Lessons from print

We published a 26-page section. We had a lot of folks on their first full week on staff or in new jobs and they all produced great work. You all deserve a slow clap and a lot of credit for that.

The photography was wonderful, we had rich content like mini profiles on first-time students, Life trend stories, a women’s leadership story told with a unique, historical intro, sports advances, a campus carry update, a FAFSA date change story, a profile on SC President Laura Baker, a beautiful double truck of convocation and after-party photos. We have


We all know that we bungled a subhead on Page 1 and a headline inside. We had several corrections. We know that our headlines were too short and our spacing was off throughout. We had many graphics but several didn’t translate or couldn’t be read.

This tells us that we have to tighten our proofing process and make sure that we have enough eyes on the pages. This needs to happen better next week.

We have some training to do. We’ll keep asking questions and improving.

The good news is that we’re all pulling in the same direction. And we have a lot of talent. I can work with that.


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