Print and Online stories, Aug. 1-4


Best things:

 Love the Page 1 portrait by Shay. Nice background and beautiful light.


Matt’s Fab Lab story was interesting and tells us more than the obvious about the program’s Central Library expansion.


Destine’s lede on the Pokemon story hit just the right tone and told us what the story was about: “Catch ‘em all, safely.”


Zahraa also wrote a nice lede on her eyebrow story in Life: “Thick brows are growing on most people.” Equally clever headline by Cody: “Tattoos are raising brows.”


The columns were heartfelt and each represented a side of the people who wrote them, Christian on her Hillary Clinton “Glass Ceiling” and Cody on “Gaming rage.” Both were topical and captured the voice of the two who wrote them.


Selby did a solid job on his update on the new stadium proposal. He found two UTA sources, a former employee and a former mayor who teaches here, to show both sides of the financial debate. It took some reporting to track down at least one source, including leaving a note at her house. But it worked. As much as we love technology, it only gets us so far in our reporting.


Needs improvement


The Medal of Valor story of the heroic UTA officer suffered from a misspelling of his name midway through the story. We need to check and re-check our subject’s names, no matter how many times we use it. Get a system, both reporters and editors, to make sure names are consistently spelled correctly throughout the story.


The faculty member studying transfer students was an interesting story but not in the way that it was reported and written. It didn’t have enough sources and it should have been written about the research itself, not the fact that she received money to study something. What the research is about is always more interesting. We need to improve across the board on this.


The Arboretum story contains a quote that is just flat-out marketing-speak. “It’s a great time of year to take advantage of one of Trip Advisor’s top-rated venues in Dallas,” Lendecker said. “Enjoy the Gary Lee Price Bronze Sculpture Exhibit and Dallas’ #1 rated “Pokémon Go” site in Dallas.”

It is our job to tell people about interesting events and interview a variety of sources, not directly promote, or allow others to, certain destinations.





Best Things


Love how quickly we hopped on the new Parking Director story late in the day. And we have an interview with him the day he was hired. Good hustle by Sorayah.


The Einstein’s Bagels moving to the library story has some good description and makes my mouth water just reading it.



Needs Improvement


The campus carry story from Monday wandered. There was news in the second graf about the university talking about additional discussions about whether to keep or amend UTA’s policies. But we lurched into the second graf with no transition and the story wandered in the timeline and direction. And let’s not use “CHL” for “concealed handgun license”. Let’s just say “license holders.”


In the Einstein Bros. story, how do we know that Starbucks is going into the old spot in the Fine Arts bldg..? I don’t think we’ve reported this before and it’s unclear who we’re attributing the information to.


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