Online stories July 28

Best things

The photography and artwork are really standing out this week.

Kristianna’s beautiful drawing of the lion jumped out of my e-newsletter this morning. It was effective in the print edition with the zodiac story, but in color, it really got my attention.

Ditto for Daniel’s illustration today with Zahraa’s perfume story. It’s a beautiful way to be creative with photography and still illustrate the story. It also made a colorful contribution to the newsletter.

I enjoyed the perfume story. It struck the right balance between topical and scientific (Zahraa covered College of Science in the spring). She’s been working really hard on ledes and how to tie them effectively to the second paragraph. This one hits it. “For some, it was love at first scent when they smelled their favorite perfume.”

Needs Improvement

 On the crime prevention story, we don’t really benefit from pointing out that July is
“Watch Your Car Month” when there are only four days remaining in July. We could weave that detail lower in the story and take it out in the lede and second graf. It’s still a solid story, but if we’re going to note the time element in the lede, we should have done the story earlier in July.



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