Online Critique July 26

Best things:

Love the photo wild art package today. It’s just fun seeing our photographers go out and play with angles, light and different equipment. Getting out of the office to explore, even when we go to obvious summer haunts like the campus pool, can yield fresh and new images when you experiment with different techniques and unusual composition. Summer is the perfect time for this. Kudos to the multimedia crew.

Also, in photo, cool illustration, Daniel, on the makeup brush.


The Life story about keeping makeup brushes clean was timely and useful. We may not want to think about things like dead skin cells and bacteria, but Zahraa makes us anyway. It’s good to stop and think about germs and consider the dumb things we do put ourselves in harm’s way. Tapping away on our phones while doing our makeup? Not such a good idea. Thanks, Zahraa and Christian.


Also, let’s all note that Zahraa put to work Cody’s training last week on uploading audio files by including an online audio file of her interview with a makeup artist with her story. Good work! And thanks again, Cody.


Needs Work:

We are still struggling with subject/verb agreement. We need the noun to be paired with the correct verb form even if they’re divided up by a bunch of other words in the middle. Girl walks. Ants crawl. You wouldn’t write Girl walk. Or Ants crawls.

So let’s do this: “Dirty hands are a large contributor to acne” and “Programs that prepare students for the future.”


And in my continuing quest for active verbs, let’s change this: “Four UTA faculty members earned distinctions for their development of educational models…”

To: Four UTA faculty members earned distinctions for developing educational models…”


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