Online critique July 21 and 22

Best things:

Selby has done an excellent job covering the WNBA this summer. His stories are full of stats and context and he’s using active verbs and effective ledes like this one: “The Dallas Wings (9-15) are streaking into the Olympic break, just not the way they intended.”

Destine really hustled this week, covering two open forums for new parking director candidates, her regular cops coverage, a feature on Clear the Shelter, the annual adopt-an-animal campaign sponsored by local cities and shadowing Selby at the Wings game to learn for her new Sports desk position in the fall.

The lede on Christian’s National Tequila Day story was great (we love her ledes!): “Tequila might make broadcast communications junior Elizabeth White sick but since it’s National Tequila Day, she’s going to drink it anyway.”

That pretty much describes many people’s love/hate relationship with tequila.

Cutlines are improving. More info is being included. Good job.


Needs work:

The parking director stories needed to be clearer that that these are two new candidates for the job. The previous four candidates the university hosted are no longer being considered (have we found out why yet?). We can’t refer to them as finalists.

Our line editing is falling down on the job. The second parking director story’s lede talks about how the candidate can connect with the university. But we don’t say “if he is chosen as the new parking director.” This is not a complete lede.

The dual degree program story really needed a better edit. Did it rise in ranking? What are the dual programs? We never clearly say that. It also lauds UTA’s low tuition in two different places. This story had good officials quoted but seemed to suffer from lack of structure and not enough time to write. Much of it should have been caught on the edit.

The Clear the Shelter story only had one source. Could we not interview officials in other cities?



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