Print edition, March 23

Best things:

What a showing by our editors, who wrote and produced work across every section: Sorayah, Anna, Selby, Rafael and Shabbir all contributed to print. Madelyn turned out some online stories throughout the week. Kelsi gave us a full-page color portrait–her second in several weeks–of the Lady Movin’ Mavs. Way to set the tone, guys.

Beautiful art on the Batman/Superman story by Marian. Love the front-page display. Looks great in the rack.

Wild art from the photography staff! Very excited about this. Jayme and Gabby had a strong week.

I continue to love to read “Ransacked,” Christian’s feature that lets us dig through people’s bags. She goes deeper and asks each subject the meaning of everything they carry. She’s revealing a lot about people and providing us additional story ideas. It’s like an anthropological dig. Let’s start thinking for ideas to expand it.

Nice centerpiece front-page follow-up from Anna on Angelo Rios. It was a quick turn, too, as he came by the office to thank us for the coverage of his recent illness and fundraising efforts. Rafael smartly corralled him in the conference room and tapped Anna to interview him. Good response, especially when the subject literally comes into the newsroom.

Stories on women succeeding were woven throughout the issue. Meaty, topical women in engineering story by Kathryn and two more women in leadership stories inside by Zahraa and Narda kept it going. Nice work.

Selby wrote a really nice story, his first lengthier feature, on the Lady Movin’ Mavs, their history on campus and how they tie into the storied men’s program. He worked hard on it and paid attention to the details and structure. It shows.

Great, responsive team effort on the Brussels attack: solid, quick work on the Page 1 story by Sorayah, who interviewed a UTA student overseas, and Rafael and Shabbir and who collaborated on the idea and execution for the editorial.

Needs work:

 We needed down-page art on Page 1. It looks great in the rack but it’s imbalanced.

We need to be consistent with terms for the Islamic State. Is it ISIS or IS? It was two different ways in the editorial and Page 1 story.

We need to watch attribution. Who said it? It keeps coming up.

We can’t afford to get sloppy on this one.


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