Online stories March 21-24

Best things:

 Sports and Photo worked throughout spring break to turn out coverage on men’s basketball, Movin’ Mavs, Lady Movin’ Mavs, baseball and softball. This coverage sustained us through the break and helped propel us into the week. Nice work on planning and execution from both of those desks.

Selby, Shay and Kelsi traveled to New Orleans to cover men’s basketball in the Sun Belt Tournament. Great treat for our readers and social media followers to have a Shorthorn team there. Check out the photo galleries, video and stories if you haven’t.

We’re doing a thorough job covering Business Week. Good planning by the News desk.

Alex’s plus size debate column really delivered. She got to her point early and stuck with it. Ditto to Shay’s libertarian column. With Lita continuing to deliver talker columns, these three ladies really are doing some great work–smart topics and solid delivery.

Victoria covered Student Congress and emerged with several stories that helped drive News this week. She turned out stories on the new transportation director search and a thorough Student Congress main story. Good work.

Jasmine had her first non-special section byline. Way to go!

Some staff members are stretching outside their regular work assignments to report news as it happens. Anthony contributed a story on the power outage in the Fine Arts Bldg. and Mara popped a quick weather story online on Wednesday. Good hustle.

Nice photography online this week included: Shay’s men’s basketball send-off photo and Tej’s music professor shots, which were particularly well done.

Matt contributed two thorough and well-written stories on UTA environmental sustainability efforts and the Faculty Senate meeting. We need to keep including background and perspective in the Faculty Senate coverage and tell readers why these meetings are important.

Needs work:

 We’ve gotten lax about probing our interview subjects for more information. We need to ask ourselves—and our sources—if we’ve provided all of the details we can get. Let’s be curious! Ask more.

We need to start varying ledes. We’ve moved beyond straightforward summary ledes.

We’re still dropping words in stories. We need to tighten up this issue.


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