March 9 Print Critique

Best things:

The front page has a good mix of stories. And a wild art photo as centerpiece! We can do it. Love the splashing water, the ball in the shot, the complete caption. Nice job, Daniel.

Matt Fulkerson pulled off what I consider to be one of the most interesting campus assault stories I’ve ever read. He details the intersection of police and science when it comes to understanding the trauma behind sexual assaults and how campuses investigate them. Give it a read. This is how a complicated story is done. And he asked me how he could make it better.

Victoria wrote a solid profile on UTA Police Chief Kim Lemaux. It was filled with good quotes and some insight into the chief’s background and her time at UTA. She was ahead of her time.

Trevor Howard has his first byline this week. He did a really good job advancing the wheelchair basketball team competing for a national title this weekend for the Sports section.

Kelsi pulled off a full-color page with her portrait of the men’s basketball team. She really hustled on this. It’s great real estate and proof of how we can showcase our photographers and our teams.

Needs work:

          We had problems with our jumps on Page One with Matt’s story and Victoria’s police chief story.

There are three errors in the photo cutline with the veterans entrepreneurs story. What happened there?

The photo with Kathryn’s story does not feature the main subject of the story but one of his students. Why no photo of the subject?

We need to vigilant with our guest columns that we don’t allow them to make vast generalizations, especially on sensitive subjects like rape. The contributor included some statistics. But she also used phrases like “far too often” and “extremely unlikely” and “far more often.” Let’s watch this. We wouldn’t allow our own columnists to do this.





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