March 7, 8 online stories and e-newsletter

 Best things:

In Monday’s newsletter, we had great weekend coverage of Echosmith concert from Anna and Tej–approachable, fun story and beautiful photos. The Q&A was an added bonus. I like how we made the most of our media access.

To echo our business manager Brian’s thoughts, there was strong photography throughout the newsletter: the concert photos, baseball and basketball photos from Jessica and Alexa and Agni’s quirky image for the body politics story.

Selby and Kenney turned out solid Sports coverage from baseball, softball and both basketball games.

I liked Zahraa’s brain story on the importance of cognitive training. This topic is in the news lately and this story hits on multi-tasking, working memory and the difference between fluid and crystallized intelligence. Interesting read from the College of Science beat.

Tuesday’s newsletter featured good follow-up from Chanel on fundraising efforts for Angelo Rios, the Pi Kappa Phi member hospitalized with a blood infection. Good lede: “Five days and more than $7,000 later, Angelo Rios is on the road to recovery.”

Good work on weather advance ahead of Tuesday’s storms.

Cody had a nice shot at the Nursing scholarships lunch. Just a fun moment that elevated the usual luncheon assignment.

Loved Christian’s new show-us-what’s-in-your-bag feature—she pitched it just last week—called “Ransacked.” This type of thing is perfect for Life on campus. I like the interviews, too. I still marvel that anyone lets the media look inside their bags and dig through their lip gloss, lucky charms and stash of snacks. (Clearly, I’ve been reading US Weekly’s version for far too long).

Needs work:

         Although I appreciated the weather advance, we need to think outside the box and cultivate some more on-campus, go-to weather sources. The National Weather Service only needs to be quoted as one source in a story, not two.

The Lady Mavs story did not clearly identify it as the Sun Belt Tournament advance story. We don’t say where or when the game will take place, either. We say in the headline that they “look to pull a Round-One upset.” Of what?


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