March 4, online stories and e-newsletter


Best things:

            Loved the shadows and the composition of Shay’s photo of the anthropology lecture. Nice work! Just being willing to try something different can lead to really cool results.

Victoria nailed the lede on the anthropology lecture story: “Bones can say a lot about a person when they’re dead.” Clever on several levels.

Jacqueline (Jackie. Did we decide?) is turning in solid work in her short time here. The CPR story was clean and informative.

Thank you to Victoria for writing the ROTC Hall of Honor and 100-year celebration. I’m sure they appreciated it.

I enjoyed the Business story from Rene about mock employer interviews on campus. Valuable information that puts job-seekers with prospective employers

It was nice to see new Life reporter Stephanie Weber’s first byline. I like the man-on-the-street approach to new music.

Good action shot from Daniel on women’s basketball.

Needs work:

             We need to work on varying our transitions. The anthropology story had several passages between quotes that read: “the event was amazing. “the event was fascinating.” “The event was great.”


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