March 2 print edition

Print edition, March 2, 2016


 Best things:

            Good, newsy front page with a strong one-two punch from Kathryn on the tuition story and new Engineering/Health Building. Kathryn did a great job covering the UT System meeting. She kept up with the news that affected UTA and included quotes from members of the board about the effect of rising tuition. Nice work turning that story. And great job to the staff to getting the university president into the story.

Love Kelsi’s presidential photo illustration on the front page. It was an inventive and creative use of photography.

Diversions looked good and included some well-done advance stories. This section has been invigorated and deserves a look. The Quickie feature was much more effective with experts interviewed. It makes it a topical story rather than just a “talker” story. It also included great quote useage.

Our new news reporter, Jackie, had her first byline! Great to see someone start out strong on a major beat like nursing.

Anthony and Narda have both posed several political stories within the last week. They continued their stellar work with election night stories that provided a voter turnout perspective (Anthony) and time spent with those who voted (Narda).

Once again, the editorial was strong. It incorporated the historical perspective of a previous editorial that pushed for on-campus housing during the holiday break. The standard has been set for including links to past coverage and research and reporting to bolster your case in editorials. Keep it up!

And thank you, Anthony, for staying after TXDOT for an update on the Cooper Street construction.                       

Needs improvement

            We did a great job on election stories, but we would have benefitted from having a specific election budget that included photos, coverage of local watch parties for Cruz and Clinton and maybe even a columnist like Shay weighing in with her “Status of the Union” column. If we’d gone to local political watch parties, we would have given photo more to do, had some photos with people and campaign signs in them and gotten some reaction color into the main election story. We also needed some results graphics as well.

Let’s make sure we follow up on the SEIR building construction to explain all of its uses. That’s a lot of money.

The inside design was inconsistent, particularly on the Life section where several fonts were used and the story headline size wasn’t much smaller than the section type.


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