Critique, online stories and e-newsletter, Feb. 29

Online stories and e-newsletter Feb. 29, 2016


 Best things:

            Holy cow—what a chock-full newsletter today! You guys really blew it out at the end of last week and over the weekend. Your readers were the beneficiaries of solid presidential campaign political coverage (which, by the way, is not easy) in the days leading up to the March 1 primary election. You capitalized on major candidates courting voters in our area. Anthony and Narda have been leading the charge for substantive, timely stories. They’re perfect examples that sometimes just saying “Yes, I’ll go” can yield great results for readers and experience for them.

Nice event coverage over the weekend with the Pow Wow and the Glow-in-the-Dark Ball. Great photos—colorful and varied. Again, the partying Engineers just make me smile.

Sorayah and Madelyn really had a great week last week, through dispatching reporters, organizing their events and posting bylines by jumping on things like the UT System vote advance on tuition and fees by Sorayah and the Big Event advance by Madelyn. This is exactly the type of things we need our experienced people for: both managing and reporting when needed. So glad we stayed on top of the UT System vote.

Kenney and Selby spent a very busy weekend keeping up with the Men’s and Women’s basketball teams on the road and softball and baseball. They’re doing a great job keeping up with these events and making sure our readers can keep up with the teams. It’s a grind, to be sure.

       Needs improvement:

We need to make sure we’re getting locations into Sports stories.

We’re still being a little tentative on our event coverage. We need to tell people about the events, who was there, what happened, etc. But we also can be working in some simple observations and descriptions (we’ll pursue this more in writing coaching). The Glow-in-the-Dark prom and the Pow Wow could have benefitted from sights, sounds description.

Let’s make sure to stay on top of any developments with the Liberal Arts dean’s departure. Additional notes on story.


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