Print critique, Feb. 24

Print Edition: Feb. 24, 2016


 Best things:

                    The lede on the Engineer Week story about the date auction was a bold choice. I’m not a fan of quotations or questions in ledes. And we managed to have both.

But if we’re going to make that choice, I suppose the “Are you going to buy some hot, hot people?” is pretty close to worth it. It really is a funny image when you realize that they’re referring to a group of students who typically do not take part in date auctions. The story is similarly tongue in cheek and does address that the event is a way to get some the university’s best and brightest out of their textbooks and to social events.

Kenney’s story about fundraising for Syrian refugees was a great entry into the Islamophobia issue. “We want to show people that we’re humans, too.” Wow. I like that we had Photo team at their event.

Diana had her first story in print this week. And she has 3! She put a lot of work into her Diversity Week and Pow Wow advance stories. Her story about the name change to the LGBT group came out of her Men and Masculinities event coverage stories recently. This is the way that beat coverage should work.

Isabel did a really nice job on the outgoing Education Dean story. She also managed to get former State Rep. Diane Patrick in her story. Nice touch.

The editorial today was the strongest so far this semester. Good research!

Diversions is much improved this week. Good work.

Selby turned men’s b-ball advance with great quotes from Coach Scott Cross. These are the most in-depth comments from him all semester. Your Sports Editor at work, folks.


Needs improvement:


            The Life story about the DJ’s needs an outside source. It needs some perspective about how it’s being received. Lance Liguez would have been a good source on this one.

Also, is there supposed to be one more Life story on the page with the Leap Year story?


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