Feb. 23 online stories and e-newsletter

Online stories, e-newsletter: Feb. 23, 2016


 Best things:

            This is the first day that I can remember where I have not marked up a single lede. We are doing a much better job encapsulating what happened, why we should care, who or what the story is about in the first paragraph. Then we’ve been following up nicely in the second paragraph. Thanks for the continued work in this area. I also could not find a single “held,” as in an event was “held.” Double thank you!

Good team coverage of the Bill Clinton event at Paul Quinn College in Dallas on Monday. Shay went for photo and Narda and Sorayah went for News. It’s great experience to learn the protocols and the ins and outs of politics by going to these events. It also provides important coverage to our readers.

Kathryn is doing a nice job covering Engineers Week. The event coverage of the Uber software engineer read more like a profile. Nice job. We should move up the reference to Engineers Week, though.

Our columnists have been really gaining steam. Alex did a nice job circling back on an issue about debate and discourse that stemmed from an event on campus that she felt did not foster multiple viewpoints. It made for a helpful anecdote to support her argument.

Alex also did a solid job in her other column highlighting the issue of helping others and how it benefits us.

Needs improvement:

 The newsletter looked a little too light today in terms of number of stories. We needed a presence from Sports and Life and something from multimedia, according to our publishing standards. We’re still working on planning ahead to make sure we have stories available for early in the following week.

The crime brief about a car stolen from campus over the weekend could have benefitted from a reminder to students about secure parking and safety steps they can take. Police tend to like to help students not be victims.


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