Critique, online stories and e-newsletter

Online stories, e-newsletter: Feb. 22, 2016


Best things:

 There were an impressive number of stories included in today’s newsletter. Selby turned three stories (four games; one was a softball doubleheader) on Saturday. He’s launched into covering men’s basketball, which we appreciate. Kenney debuted as our baseball beat writer. The multimedia team helped out with tennis coverage. It’s great to see people stepping in as we continue to build our sports coverage.

I loved Rebecca’s story about the 25-year (and counting) undergraduate. This is a perfect example of being curious. This woman apparently is a classmate of Rebecca’s. Some of the very people who sit next to us or who teach us are ideal profile subjects. It’s just interesting what keeps this student going. This is perseverance personified.

Alex’s column today about “Saying No” is a great lesson in not taking on more than one can handle—but we sometimes do it anyway. I like how she broadens it to include the real issue: that we oftentimes say Yes to things because we’re afraid of what others will think or because we don’t know ourselves well enough.

Kathryn and Kenney both had great ledes on their stories. Check them out.

 Needs improvement:

 Didn’t love the question lede on the Pizza with the President story. Let’s not use those. There are better ways.

And Wednesday was misspelled in the that story. This should not be happening on stories with multiple levels of editing.

 We’re still dropping words. From sentences and from quotes. Reporters, read your stories back through one last time. If you have only five minutes, at least read your quotes aloud.


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