Online and e-newsletter, Feb. 19

Online stories, e-newsletter: Feb. 19, 2016


 Best things:

 Victoria hit the trifecta with three stories published in one day. All three came together and they all were newsworthy. While I wouldn’t encourage her poor brain to try this every day, the hustle was impressive. When all of her sources lined up on those stories, she jumped on each of them. Her campus carry story was a wrap-up of where we are on this important issue and also included new information on two more town hall meetings next week. The parking garage story included new information that we’ve not reported before about upcoming repairs. And the art theft story was well done. And inspired some “cop reporter” envy among other, former police reporters in the room. Nice beat work, Victoria. That’s a testament to follow-up and patience.

Diana has written her fair share of event advance stories so far this semester. She really is finding her stride on these. She wrote a comprehensive lede on her Black History Month activism lecture story. She quoted the right people and it was a smooth read.

Chanel had a fun lede on her Maverick Musical story: “The second-annual Maverick Musical had students singing and dancing, not only by the performers on stage, but also by the students in their seats.” Overall, good work on the story. She included winners, worked in some color and noted what university officials served as judges.

Anna wrote an ode to Irish nachos at J. Gilligan’s that included the right balance between current news of the restaurant on the Travel Channel, lore and the historical connection that one family has with the popular meal. She varied her sentence length, too. Good work.

And once again, Lita turned the tables on us with her “Bad Advice for Bad People” column. I want to read more commentary from her parents in the future!

Tej captured a fantastic celebration photo from the men’s basketball team. And he shot a video, too. Talent coupled with hard work pays off.

 Needs improvement:

 The name in the courtesy credit with the art theft story was misspelled. It was correct in the story.


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