Online critique, Feb. 18

Online stories, e-newsletter: Feb. 18, 2016


 Best things:

 We’re covering plenty of events around campus, which is good. Coverage of visiting political leaders, legal professionals and city officials is important. Make sure you’re introducing yourself to some of these speakers–the mayor and deputy city manager spoke at separate events—so we can get them familiar with The Shorthorn if they aren’t already. And it’s good for you to practice chatting officials up before and after events. You never know when you’ll need to call them for a story.

 Narda did a really nice job on the profile story on the former UTA professor who is running for City Council. She turned it pretty quickly for not having done a story like this before. She also talked to all the right people and got all of the information together before she contacted the candidate. This is an example of how being game for anything and doing your research up front helps.

Ledes continue to improve. Let’s remember that if we’re not going to use attribution in the lede, we need to have it at the beginning of the second graf.

See the board for two examples of how to do this. One, about the Arlington mayor, could have supported the attribution in the lede. The other, a Black History Month lecture, worked beautifully without it. If we’re going to suspend the attribution let’s make sure we don’t make people wait too long. 

 Needs improvement:

We’re still dropping words. “Saids” and “the’s” are being left out. This issue can be handled by reading the story through one more time before filing. But it should have been caught on editing, too.

I know we fixed it online, but we had the wrong speaker photo with the wrong story on the African American History Month speech. Let’s communicate better among editors to make sure that we get the correct photo with the correct story.


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