Print and online Feb. 17

Print and online, Wednesday Feb. 17

 Print stories:

 Best things: Love the Page 1 centerpiece photo! The motion blur is really artistic and running it at five columns gives it good play.

Strong stories on the cover:

  • Engineering’s continually increasing enrollment and what it means for the university
  • A well-written story about the new English class that features Jay-Z lyrics that really delves below the surface. Great quotes and solid explanation show how this is more than an examination of music and lyrics but also a literature and “digital humanities” lesson
  • Efforts to teach students and faculty about the value of resilience. This story did a very effective job getting across what it means to be resilient and how handling stress and bouncing back benefits people.

Inside stories take individual looks at enrollment at the various colleges. We probably could have spread these stories out a bit over several days.

I like how you continue to package quirky science and other stories together, such as the NASA story and the City of Arlington sewer story. Both are important but a challenge to write and edit, so kudos for that.

It was good to see David Dunn as the guest columnist today. If you need a laugh, don’t miss his scathing take on movie sequels and the lack of originality in movies.

Very happy to see that no stories I read today in print or online included e-mail interviews. Thank you!

Needs improvement:

 Really love the “ceiling psychology” story about how the height of ceilings affects how we learn. What I did not love was that we used one of the source’s first names on second reference instead of his last name. I will say it again: check your names and facts. All of you should develop a system to check yourself for accuracy. And use it.

I liked The Quickie a little better today because we talked to an expert. But we used some of the same quotes that are in the box in the story as well. I just don’t understand the duplication. As a reader I still want an Editor’s Note that explains the series.

Did not see the correction that should have run in print today from the misnamed business last week in Life’s Dance Texas story.

Diversion again suffers from a lack of reporting and subjects not identified in the handout photo. This page provides a valuable service to our readers by telling them what is going on during the weekend. It deserves the same attention as the other sections.

Online stories

 Best things:

Our columnists are pulling no punches in telling readers about how to be respectful concert-goers and why we need authenticity from our political candidates. Shay debuted her “Status of the Union” column. I love the play on words and nod to social media and politics. Alex and Shay are owning their opinions and voices as writers. That’s great to see.

Needs improvement:

The timely Student Congress turnaround was good. All of the info was there but it needed a few quotes from the deliberations. I know the resolutions passed unanimously, but were there people who spoke or someone we could talk to afterward?


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