Online stories, e-newsletter Feb. 16

Online stories, e-newsletter: Feb. 16, 2016


 Best things: We have an increasing number of reporters in the newsroom now who are just nailing their advances.

Today, Renne Yan actually made me care about Human Resources. Her advance story on the NextGen HR Conference tells me all- important why of what could be a really dull, non-specific story. She—and the variety of sources she interviews– tells us two key things: why working in the field of Human Resources could be a good place for those looking for jobs and why students should attend Wednesday’s event. Take a look at it on the board as a great example of how to advance an event.

Shay made her debut as a staff columnist. And she came out firing. Her writing is to the point, doesn’t flinch and makes you think. Her column: “To improve the world, look beyond yourself” takes to task those who take themselves more seriously than affecting change in the world around us. Give it a read.

The rash of campus thefts continues. There may be no particular trend to them, but Victoria is chronicling them, one after the other. She’s learning a lot about a core of police reporting, she’s asking good questions about security and reminds all of our readers about the criminal penalties. Just like sports and politics, there is a rhythm to cop writing, and she’s getting the hang of it.


Needs improvement: So, we had a big day of weekend coverage yesterday, which was great. But we need to start back-stopping ourselves against the inevitable lull that happens between Monday’s weekend wrap-up and Wednesday’s print publication.

A healthy mix of news features and topical issue stories, along with some profiles and talker pieces should help propel us through the week.

Let’s brainstorm some ways to take our coverage beyond advances and events. We have a talented team this semester. And we could be having a lot more fun with our writing if we come up with statement stories to spread throughout the week.


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