Online critique, e-newsletter 2/16

Online stories, e-newsletter: Feb. 15, 2016


 Best things: Loads of weekend coverage led to a meaty newsletter this morning. We covered speeches, sporting events, and FSL Bid Day and published a fun Presidents Day feature (complete with multiple quotes from Dr. Karbhari) while other UTA students were having a weekend. Good work!

The multimedia team (really nice softball photos, J. Chapa) was everywhere this weekend: wheelchair basketball, women’s and men’s b-ball, softball, tennis, African- American Studies conference and Bid Day. We have a great crew but they particularly saved us this weekend without Sports reporters in key areas like wheelchair basketball and softball.

We’re getting better at writing ledes that tell us what happened at the events we cover. And we’re taking more risks with ledes (see Brittany and Chanel’s stories).

Quotes also are being used to actually say something and they’re sounding like quotes the subject would say. Quotations are our friend as long as we use them to accurately represent what the subject said. They bring more to the table. Selby had a great women’s basketball quote from Cierra Johnson about her coach: “It disappoints me to disappoint her.”

Needs improvement: While we are taking more risks with ledes, we need to make it clear to the reader where we’re going with them.

The pre-law society speech advance story had a great lede with: “Daniel Winston-Ruiz’s mother once said he could argue with a brick wall” But we don’t make a strong enough link between the lede and the second graph.

The FSL story also started off on a strong note with “Incoming Interfraternity Council members dove into their new greek life experience, literally.”

The second graph needs some description of the event to show the reader what we mean by that.

These are small changes. Overall, I like where we’re headed with this.




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