Print Critique, 1/27

Best things:

We compiled an impressive array of coverage for our readers this week. From the excellent wheelchair basketball profile to social issues like first-generation college students, non-traditional older students and the psychology of senioritis, we gave people plenty of topical stories to chew on.

Love the favorite books feature in Life, really interesting “Claimbuster” story by Brittany, and solid guest columns, we’re really hitting our beats and pulling out interesting characters.

Ariana hit an enjoyable one-two punch with the wine and yoga story and the senioritis story. Great effort.

Our sports reporters continue to impress, advancing games, spotlighting players and covering the baseball and softball media day. Kenney is even pitching in. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

We’re working together, sharing ideas and, hello, making deadline on getting the print edition to the printer. Everyone had a part in making that happen—reporters, photographers, editors and layout, design and copy editors. We all work together for an important common goal: to produce the best Shorthorn that we can.


Needs improvement:

I’m not entirely sure what is going on with the Diversions centerpiece but it didn’t work. At all. We feature a woman in a story that we never quote. Is it about her or about the play? And the photo didn’t work either. I know we had handout photos but we couldn’t use them because we had no ID’s for the people in them. All of this did not serve the reader. In fact, it likely confused them.

This is an opportunity for leadership of our Diversions coverage. It’s the event and entertainment piece of what we do. Let’s figure out where we’re going with it and plan it. We shouldn’t have to be in the position on production night to deal with this, especially since we know about these events in advance.

In the future, if we are provided photos to use with a story, first, check with Kelsi to make sure that we can use them. Second, if people provide us photos, please ask them to identify the people in the photo for a cutline. We also need to know who to give courtesy photo credit to. We all have a responsibility to work together on this.

Thanks, everyone.



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