Sorayah Says: Check out this podcast

Shorties: Senior staff reporter Sorayah Zahir was so pumped after listening to a great podcast, she wanted to share what she took away from it with you. Thank you, Sorayah! It’s great to have a guest writer!

Publicists are a lot like journalists. That’s the main thing I took away from this episode of Stuff You Should Know, a great podcast that everyone should listen to, frankly. Publicists need a journalistic instinct, just like us. Networking and making relationships with relevant sources can make or break a publicists career, just like us. A really valuable resource they mentioned on the show for publicists (that sounds almost too good to be true for us journalists) is a repository of just about any type of source you could possibly need. It’s called #URGHARO , Urgent: Help a Reporter Out. We’ve all been there when you’re on deadline and need a really specific source for a story but have no way to get in touch with anyone. Normally, and rightly so, we turn to Twitter. @helpareporter is a resource that journalists can use to find those niche sources and is used by journalists at the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and more.  I don’t know how useful it could be to us but it’s definitely something to look into.

Link to the URGHARO Twitter: and a simple how-to:

– Sorayah Zahir.


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