Style Q&A: Journals and promo tours

Shorties: The following questions come from Shorthorn Editor in Chief Laura Woodside. If you have a style question, please email me at I’ll post the answer for the staff. Thanks, Laura!

Q1: Is a journal title put in italics or quotes? Like a scholarly journal full of articles?
Q2: And for some kind of promotional movie or book tour – would that need to be itals or quotes? 

Good questions. That’s all covered between existing AP and Shorthorn style.

A1: A journal is a book made up of a number of scholarly articles, basically a book with chapters. So, the journal title is italicized, as a normal book title would be, and chapters (or names or articles) are in quotation marks.

A2: The name of a promotional book or movie tour is simply the name of an event – so no special treatment. (We don’t put EXCEL’s Movie Night in quotations or italicize it, for example.) If the name of a published work (like a book or movie or TV show) is part of the tour title, that part would be formatted according to style … but not the whole title. So:

The Super Rad Promo Tour will stop in Funky Town on Friday afternoon. The tour is promoting a series of short films focusing on life as a college newspaper editor.

The Nelson Catches a Bird Tour will stop in Funky Town on Friday afternoon. The tour is promoting the movie, which captures the life of a dog and his loving owner.

Note that in both, a second sentence that explains what the tour is is added to the paragraph. That’s necessary to avoid confusion. (Never assume people know what a book, movie, TV show or other material is about.)

– BF


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