Using Twitter for critiques

One of the things I learned during the College Media Association in Philly last week is that some advisers used Twitter to do their critique.

Twitter? Really? I wanted to know more.

But really, what more was there to find out? Do the critique live while critiquing. The ultimate in instant feedback. So, today, because <insert reason here> I decided to try it.

So glad I did. A couple of you caught on to the #shorthorncritique. Others have too, including some of my followers who are professional writers and reporters. I had plenty of interaction with retweets, favorites, and replies. That was surprising. Goes to show that everyone wants to be critiqued and wants to get better.

Of course, the Twitter critique does not take place of the paper critique (which is on the board now) but it adds to it.

Take a look at the Storify of this morning’s critique and tell me what you think.  I’ll be doing this more often at the hashtag #shorthorncritique.


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