Guest critique: Adam Causey

This week, I asked my good friend and editor Adam Causey to do a guest critique of the paper.

Adam is the assistant city editor at the Las Vegas Review Journal. He is also the person in charge of that paper’s internship program. Hint, hint.

I really wanted Adam to give us his two cents on our content because he was once a student journalist and loves to help students get better.

In his professional career, he has been a mentor during the student projects at the Asian American Journalism Association conference for several years.

Adam is a reporter’s reporter, meaning can work a beat like no other. His best beat work was on the police beat and the city hall beat where he regularly scooped other news outlets and has even scooped the mayor. How’s that for urgency!

His last beat before joining the editor ranks was as a investigative journalist for the Florida Times Union in Jacksonville.

He’s an LSU grad (don’t hold it against him) and an all around great journalist.  He welcomes questions and communications via his Twitter at @Akcausey.

I’ve placed his critique on the board. He’s got some great points on how to make us champions! Go forth and read.

There’ll be a quiz later.


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