Tips from a Pro: Interviewing

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In our coaching sessions, we’ve lightly touched on the art of follow up questions, interviewing and sourcing.

These skills are things you will constantly work on as you go through your time here at The Shorthorn and when you grow into professionals. In fact,  interviewing is something that professionals are always asking other professionals about whenever they get together and talk shop.

I recently found this awesome video from Poynter with Lane DeGregory, a reporter and Pulitzer Prize winner at the Tampa Bay Times. She is best known for a “Girl in the Window”, a story about the life a feral child found in a Florida home.

The story was so well written and reported that those who read it still remember it, the details were so vivid!

This video gives some thoughts on how to get sources to open up to you.

“I think dogs, kids,and cars. If you can talk to anybody about dogs, kids, and cars you’ll find something to talk about,” she said.



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