Story ideas: When the university hires

It’s hiring season at UTA. And we’re getting scooped. That’s not good.

News of personnel changes is important. Keeping up with beat sources, checking the university’s job listings regularly, and following up is critical to your success in finding and reporting news. Looking at the openings now, it’s clear the Careers Center is in a hiring frenzy – what does that mean for students? The International Education Office is down two advisers… of the eight. How is that significant during admissions time for international students? Hiring affects people – students, namely.

It also means multiple stories:

  • When someone leaves, that’s news.
  • When a job is posted, what’s new or different about it? (When someone leaves, it’s a good time to look at reorganizing an area. Did the position get filled? Did someone absorb duties?) That’s news.
  • The search process: Updates on candidates, etc.
  • News of the hire.
  • Once the person starts, a feature on the person.

Would you use this for all hires? Probably not, just the administrators and key positions. But ask yourself these questions for all hires … and keep that page bookmarked and look at it daily.




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