Statistical terms used in research studies: A media primer


Covering a college campus means reporting on some of the incredible research that takes place here: tiny windmills as energy sources, analyses of concussions and football, cancer treatments, and more. Check out this great website for a breakdown of some key terms your sources may use when describing their work and academic studies. How could it be helpful to you?

REPORTERS can find a breakdown of common jargon to help them prepare better questions before interviews, as well as clarify terms in their writing.

PHOTOGRAPHERS and DESIGNERS can use a study’s methodology to brainstorm ideas that can show how the study came together (or is coming together). Action shots trump “guy in office” shots any day. Graphics can demonstrate steps through a process or results.

COPY EDITORS and EDITORS can test logic in stories: Does the story include all relevant detail, steps or conclusions? Are we reading the conclusions the right way? What assumptions have we made that we shouldn’t have?

Please take a look at this. Print it out and stick it in your beat book.





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