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  1. Old:The Athletics Department has sold approximately 650 student All-Sports passes so far, according to Gregg Elkin, senior associate athletics director for external relations.

    New: Students have purchased 650 All-Sports passes this fall, officials say.

  2. Old: UTA and state higher education officers want more feedback from students about their classroom experience, but there’s already feedback in the low rate of response from students in recent years.

    New: UTA and state higher education officers want more feedback from students about their classroom experience, but students need a clear explanation for why it’s important.

  3. OLD: The agenda for the Student Congress general body meeting Tuesday night indicated that congress would vote on and approve changes to the election code, but science senator Troy Boris objected to voting on the election code.

    NEW: The decision to vote for changes to the election code was objected by science senator Troy Boris during the Student Congress general body meeting Tuesday night.

  4. Old: Students for International Social Work will host a special screening of Girl Rising at 6 p.m. Sept. 17 University Center Rio Grande A.

    New: The Students for International Social Work hopes to empower women with a screening of the documentary, /Girl Rising/ Sept. 17.

  5. OLD: Intramural posters are posted on walls and boards all around campus. Drew Barfield, assistant director of intramural sports, said the department has been out marketing and pushing for students to join.

    NEW: Intramurals are seeing an increase in participation this season, partly because of the new free agency option available to students.

  6. Old: As I sat down to look at my monthly calendar and to-do list, the familiar initial panic of “how in the world am I going to tackle everything?” set in. I had short-term, long-term and semester goals, various appointments, bridal showers, fundraisers – the list was endless.

    New: Panic set in as I sat down and looked at my to-do list. I had appointments, fundraisers, bridal showers, short-term, long-term and semester goals. As I starred at the endless list that lay before me, one slow, poisonous question slipped into my head: “How in the world was I going to tackle everything?”

  7. Old: After the 2012-2013 season, there were many questions surrounding the next men’s basketball team, which is competing without four players from last year’s team in a new conference.
    UTA’s leading rebounder and top two leading scorers finished their tenure with the Mavericks last season, which produced speculations about who would replace those players and how the team would respond with so many fresh faces in the Sun Belt Conference.
    But as the team continues to prepare for the season opener on Nov. 8, the Mavericks have hit another speed bump after the players sidelined because of injuries vaulted to four last week.

    New: Injuries in four men’s basketball players have stalled team practices this season.


    The men’s basketball head coach postponed some team training after four players sustained injuries.

  8. Old: Dennis Maher’s first acting role was as baby Jesus in the nativity pageant when he was 6 months old.

    New: One theatre class will put students on the New York scene next spring (or semester).


    Select students will be New York bound for a theatre class next semester.

    Or (one more)

    Students will have the opportunity next semester to study abroad – in New York City.

    The inaugural “Study Abroad at Home” approach will begin with a theatre course highlighting historical, cultural and social aspect of America’s city.

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