TIPA Notes: Trends in Print Design

Over the next week, your colleagues will share their thoughts and notes from what they learned during the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association convention in Fort Worth last weekend. Here are some of Bianca’s notes.

“Trends in Print Design”

Led by: Bradley Wilson, director of student media, Midwestern State

Description: Magazine and newspapers are going through an evolution. They are evolving to meet the needs of a generation used to receiving information instantaneously in the palm of their hands. Come discuss some modern trends in magazine and newspaper design to attract an engaged audience.

The first slide that stood out among a few slides show was the redesign of the Chicago Tribune. The difference: There was only one story the front page. (And guess what, it looked great.)

The example of the Chicago Tribune is the definition of when taking chances work.

These chances, Wilson said are all about the way readers read now. It is time to say goodbye to the backwards Z, even in newspaper; people’s eyes are just bobbing all over the page.

Story ideas from the workshop

– Taking all of the editorials (or any list of issues) and do an alphabet soup rundown.
– Season at a glance. Do a really cool layout that looks like a playbook and highlight cool moments from the season, take excerpts from previous articles (heck, even scan the article into the story to give the design a cool effect)
– For homecoming, a history of the mascot would be a great story. Do a timeline of the stages of the mascot showing the costume over the years. Do a Q&A with Blaze.

Design ideas from the workshop

– If your no. 2 story is great and on the top right-hand side of the page, bold the headline to bring the readers eye back to the top. (ALSO, never put a story (in a rail) on the left-hand side of the page)
– Run mugshots bigger, put them on the top of the jump. (People like to see people), put a quote with them.
– Readers prefer tabloid styled newspapers


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