CMA Notes: How to be a compelling critic

More from Bianca Montes‘ notebook:

Session: How to be a Compelling Critic: Turn your one-star review into five-stars
Bryce Mceil, Georgia State University

Why do people read reviews? It’s all about risk reduction. Common misconception: There’s no way to write a bad review.

Here are some things to do, in this order:

  • Read other reviews
  • Read reviews about things you’ve never heard of
  • Identify your readers
  • Identify yourself
  • Read your review when you’re done
  • Marinate

Here are some things NOT to do:

  • Recap too much of the movie (don’t spoil it)
  • Review too little of the album (try a track-by-track wrap up)
  • Be vague
  • Use personal anecdotes or empty language
  • Don’t use longer words when a shorter word works
  • Don’t tell the story chronologically
  • Use the word obsessively (remember this is not about you)
  • Contradict yourself

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