Training today: Meet Brian Rash

At 4 p.m. today, Dallas Observer reporter and writer Brian Rash will meet with writers and reporters in the large conference room to discuss developing and writing feature/human interest stories. Here’s more on Brian:

Brian Rash was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. At the age of 16, he became a gourmet pizza chef part time while finishing high school. At age 19, he met a cute cellist, formed a band with her, and followed her up to Denton, Tx, where the two had designs on conquering the music world, one town at a time.
Ten years later, the band and the relationship defunct, Rash decided to enroll in grad school
for journalism after a string of unfulfilling (though some were actually quite fulfilling) blue
collar jobs including construction, fund raising product distribution, delivery driver and special education paraprofessional.
Since completing his master’s coursework in the spring of 2012, Rash has published features, narratives and reviews in several publications, including the Denton Record-Chronicle, Dallas Observer, Dentoneer, Mayborn Magazine and Denton Live. He has written about everything from the plight of poverty stricken workers and how the new health care bill might affect them, to middle-aged ghost hunting drummers, to the backlash of bipolar disorder and the consequences of a failed bank robbery.
Currently, Rash covers music and music-related stories for the Dallas Observer, focusing on the diverse and brilliant scene in Denton, Texas.

Before Brian’s discussion, he has asked that you read the following piece, which the Observer named one of its top 12 stories in 2012:



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